Visa Center is a non-government body which allows for Tanzanian Visa applicants to apply for Tanzanian Visa through localized offices in Toronto, Markham, Calgary and Vancouver. No waiting in lines at Tanzanian Embassy and Consulate | Tanzania Visa Applications are always up to date | Requirements for Tanzania visa are current; Expedited Service gets you fast Tanzanian visa | Low service fees start at $24 for some applications

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TANZANIA Visa Pricing (includes Embassy and handling fee)
10 daysturnaround
E-visa Single Entry - Tourist valid for 90 days with max 90 days stay $ 180.00
(+TAX $13.65)
E-visa Single Entry - Business valid for 90 days with max 90 days stay $ 485.00
(+TAX $13.65)
*Above prices include Consular / Embassy fee, Visa Center fee. No other processing fees will be added.

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Tanzania Visa Requirements

  • Tanzania E-Visa applicants must fill the following form online - (<-click on the link)

    Valid passport (Valid at least for 6 months from departure date & min. 2 empty pages)
  • Filled out, signed and dated application form package.
  • One photo against white background, size: 5x7cm (Photo facility is available on-site - TORONTO, OTTAWA, MARKHAM & VANCOUVER). Please note that photos from photo booth or home-shot photos are not acceptable.
  • US and Ireland's citizens are obligated to get the Multiple Entry visas. The fee is as indicated for multiple entry visa.
  • Flight itinerary of a full trip, showing dates of departure from Canada and return to Canada along with entry and exit dates from Tanzania. Get it HERE -  If you enter Tanzania by land, then tour itinerary indicating actual calendar dates (not like Day1, Day 2) together with flight itinerary is required. If the tour is not formal then the applicant must provide a letter, explaining the details of the tour and indicating the dates.

    In addition to the flight itinerary depending on the purpose of visit you must provide:
    For the study, work or volunteer visa: official invitation letter from Tanzania, executed on the letter-head and having a signature of an executive.
    For filming, journalism, and research: letter from Tanzania, showing proof that necessary permits have been obtained.
    For religious purpose visit: Letter from your Canadian organization/church/mission stating the nature and period of travel or Invitation letter from organization/church/mission in Tanzania. Each of the letters must be executed on the letter-head and must have a signature of an executive.
  • Holders of Travel Documents, Certificates of Identity, refugees and nationals of the following countries shall have their visa applications referred to Tanzanian Immigration Services, for approval before visa is processed: Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Chad, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Palestine, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. The processing period varies from case to case. No expedited services for referred visa applications.
  • For non-Canadian passport applicants: Travel insurance is required and may be purchased HERE
  • Persons WITH DUAL citizenship, ONE of which IS Canadian, must apply WITH their Canadian passports only. Applicants WITH other THAN Canadian passports must provide the copy of the document confirming their current resident STATUS IN Canada (PR Card, Landed Document, WORK Permit)

Tanzania Business Visa Requirements (additionally to the requirements above)

  • Letter from your company stating the nature and period of travel or Invitation letter from company in Tanzania. Each of the letters must be executed on the letter-head and must have a signature of executive.